• Trust & transparency across the value chain
    Giving visibility to farmers and consumers of the produce
    Blockchain & IoT backed data
    Trusted certifications
  • Empowering farmer collectives to strengthen small-landholding farmers
    Creating a collective of farmer collectives as we move ahead
    One crop-one Blockchain approach
    Increasing negotiating power of small-landholding farmers
  • Tracking milk across the supply chain from milking to packaging
    IoT backed data capture on Blockchain platform to ensure complete trust
    First initiative in India for giving traceability to milk
    Tracking and preventing contamination of milk across the supply chain

On a mission to tangibly improve the farmers' economic condition.

Our Services

Field to fork real-time traceability

Tracking food from the moment it leaves the farmer till it is made available at your store.

Price Transparency, visibility to Farmer/Customer

Ensuring fair equity to all partners of the agricultural value chain from the farmer to the consumer. Keeping all costs and profits transparent for public view.

Practice and product certifications via Blockchain

Certifications of quality, usage of fertilisers and pesticides, fair trade norms, international standards, to be created with Blockchain backed support.

Farmer collective Performance monitoring

Generating insights based on trusted data to ensure maximum sustainability to the farmer collectives, offering them advices for price benchmarking and market reports based on real sales data.

About Us

Our vision is to empower the small landholding farmer; the backbone of our Indian society.

We seek to do this by

  • • Supporting creation of sustainable farmer collectives by providing transparency of cost & margins across the supply chain entities, providing real-time produce traceability
  • • Strengthening the ecosystem of farmer collectives by extensive usage of emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI, and IoT.
  • • Decreasing small-landholding farmer’s economic vulnerability by enabling access to market, providing FinTech solutions like fair insurance & credit facilities, and providing trusted certifications of yield, quality, and practices via our platform

Extensive Team Experience

The cofounders have worked extensively in these technologies while designing and implementing state-level pilots and projects. They have received acknowledgement for the same. This includes invitation to present work in UK Parliament, University of Cambridge, and selection for Dalai Lama Fellowship across 25 countries for the project on ‘Blockchain for Social Impact’.

Proven track record

Delivering solution to India’s largest farmer collective who are also the largest exporter of grapes. We have provided solution for 7,000 farmers to track over 18,000 tons of produce with complete traceability and transparency for various fruits and vegetables.

Quality and Reliability

Clients have provided us with overwhelmingly positive feedback for the quality of work and commitment shown by us. We are growing organically through our primary clients and expanding our scope and functionalities based on real-world needs and challenges.

Our Clients

Meet Our Core Team: Co-Founders


Happy Farmers

Clients have provided us with overwhelmingly positive feedback for the quality of work and commitment shown by us.


Crops Traced

Tracking over 20 fruits and vegetables, along with tracking milk products


Farms Covered

Generating blockhchain-IoT backed historical data at farm level


Tonnes Tracked

Significantly reducing spillage and spoilage of produce along the way


QRCodes Printed

Sucessfully printed QRCodes to provide traceability


Blockchains Running

Empowering the supplychain with the trust powered by Blockchain

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